"Suppose the free inspection reveals some damage, what next?"




We will take photos of the damage and show you what we see. If necessary, we can coach you through the insurance process.

"If we need a new roof, perhaps we want a different color or style. Can you help us visualize what the change will look like?"

Yes. We have physical shingle samples and also software that can superimpose the different colors and styles on a photo of your home.

"If we need a new roof on our home but don’t have a lot of extra money laying around, can you still help us?"

Yes. Strong Roofing has a relationship with lenders that can help with the financing

"Will someone need to climb onto my roof?"



It may be necessary to touch the shingles to find very subtle damage.

"My roof looks fine from the ground, why bother with it?"

There is no substitute for having an experienced person inspect the roof. Often, wind or hail damage is not visible from the ground.

"Are there any obvious ways I can tell if I need to call you?"

Stains on the ceiling or missing shingles are two easy ways to know it’s time to call Strong Roofing.

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